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Walk Now - Sampled Aussie pedestrian crossing?
Old 13th March 2017
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Walk Now - Sampled Aussie pedestrian crossing?

Hi Paul,

I was in traveling Australia when Orbital 2 came out. At the time I remember being convinced that the sound that comes in at 2 minutes on 'Walk now' was a sample of an Australian pedestrian crossing 'alarm'.

Am I right, or was it the microdots...?? .

All the best,

P.S Incidentally, we listened to that album on constant rotation on a drive from Syndey right the way up the coast to Cape Tribulation. The sounds / synths / drums you guys used have never left me. Totally changed my life.
Old 14th March 2017
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I remember thinking the same thing, but this was a pedestrian crossing in Ireland. Sounds very similar.
Old 15th March 2017
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Hi John ,

No ot wasn't the micro dot , it is the sound of an Australian pedestrian crossing . Well a Sydney one anyway , I noticed they are a bit more mechanical sounding in Melbourne. The didgeridoo i sampled is the one I bought on the same trip. We went there to play an illegal rave at New Year's Eve 91/92 called welcome 92.

Probably a good album for your road trip as there was a lot of my memories of Australia and my first tour of America wrapped up in it.
Old 15th March 2017
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Amazing! Thanks Paul.
Feels like an itch I've had for 24 years just got scratched
I remember NYE in Sydney in 91/92 as it happens. Amazing times. Seem to remember that they considered it their 'Summer of Love'.
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