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Project management
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Project management

Hi Paul and Phil,

In one of your videos for your last album release I saw some stuff on the wall, some kind of a road map and project management overview.
I would be very interested to learn about how you make sure you finish projects.

With synthesizers and DAWs it is very easy to eternally try out many variations until you lose interest and start a new idea.
If one is 'efficient' with this way of 'working' then it ultimately leads to not finishing anything ever.

Do you have any guidelines or rules to avoid staying in playing-around-mode and switch to get-sh*t-done-mode (producer-mode) as soon as you have a nice fish on the hook?

Any recommendations would be welcome (methodology, critical pit falls, book titles...).

Thank you in advance.
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I've always maintained that one of the greatest skills of a composer/producer is knowing how to finish. Its a very underrated skill indeed!
It is very easy to get carried away with trying all the options but instead of that why not do something one way , as long as its working, with your original gut feeling , finish it quickly . then when the doubt sets in and you want to try it another way ,why not use that idea to start something new instead? this is what i try to do.

my guidelines to stop playing around are simply to always move forward to a finished complete idea/piece. Even when I'm playing I'm building towards a whole ,I try to arrange as early as possible even if its just a few things, then fill in the gaps that need something. the other thing i do is i give myself a deadline to make a demo of what ever I'm working on. I always make demos, which in turn always require you to finish something even if its in an arbitrary way.

the road maps are a useful tool to keep you working toward an end too as you've visualised it before you've even heard it properly. it allows you to glimpse a time based art form like music in a one hit. try it , it can be quite revealing, especially with a song you can't finish and don't know what the problem is. draw it out, the problem may be staring you in the face!
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