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Preamps + converters for recording synths?
Old 13th March 2017
Preamps + converters for recording synths?

Hi Paul

Was wondering what recording chain you use for external synths / drum machines?

Do you use preamps? If so, which models?

Do you normally have anything else in the signal chain? e.g. compressors / eq / exciters / tape?

Finally, what converters do you use for the A to D?

One can go full-power gearslut on this kind of stuff, or super simple - interested to know where you stand on this.

Old 15th March 2017
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I tend to be a bit cavalier on this. I don't really mind. Currently I pass every thing through the old orbital live desk , a Midas Venice 32f. I rerely put any eq on it then it goes into a Rosetta that goes digital into an old fire face 800 into abelton. The fire face was broken recently so I used the Midas fire wire interface and it was fine. I do hi knthe Rosetta sound a bit better though. I don't have a problem putting then straight into the sound card though . I tend to get the sound I want after it's all in the box and together . Means I work fast at the recording and composing stage I guess.
Old 19th March 2017
Really interesting - thanks Paul

For what it's worth I put a bit of time into this last year and found that overall the best pre-amp for synths was the Tube-Tech MP2a - particularly in the low end where it offered a clarity, definition and solidity that I'd never heard before. It also does that tube thing where everything sounds more alive.

The Heritage DMA73 (Neve 1073 clone) came a close second and sometimes sounded better. The A Designs P1 was also really good. But if I had to choose one I'd go the Tube Tech.

In terms of converters I was using UAD Apollo 16 and, similar to what you were saying about the Rosetta, had this hunch that it might be possible to do better. Tested an Antelope Eclipse and instantly saw what I was missing. Antelope Pure 2 is apparently very good as well.
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