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The Event Horizon soundtrack is easily one of my favorite soundtracks. Care to share any insight into that session (the gear, the arrangement, how it was different from working the way you normally work)?

Also, on the version of 'Satan' that was on the Spawn soundtrack, did you have any involvement in that track, or did Kirk Hammett just record over what was already there. I'm just curious how that whole thing was coordinated.

Thanks for being awesome!
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I think i covers most of the event horizon stuff in another thread. hers that again:-

That was a great experience. working with Michael tough me a lot about scoring. about keeping it simple and going with your gut feeling . Also about getting help from other people and listening to their opinions .

we couldn't do as much as we wanted to as we were booked in to play lollapalooza festival and i had to do the programming for the live set as well.

We started by Michael getting a small orchestra together in a hall he owned in west London and he basically jammed with then , based on a few riffs he'd put down as a rough score . " you have to give theres guys some thing to read other wise they get twitchy "He whispered to me conspirationally as there were arriving. we took this session away as an alesis dat session and sampled away , creating what would end up to be the opening credits music.

the cut up choirs came from sampling a favourite score cd of mine,( no i won't tell as i didn't clear it! ) and chopping it with velocity to start time on my emu , re pitching , filtering till it became something completely different.

when it came to Satan spawn , Graham Ravel wanted to put varous rock and dance people together to see what would come out, we had the great pleasure to be teamed up with Kirk. we sent him a version od satan , he did some guitar parts and sent us back the stems . they arrived one day by the most appropriately heavy metal courier guy from a company with a name like 666 deliveries, i kid you not! we then did another version of the track around the guitar . A great collaboration and one day i'd love to work with the whole of metallic , if they'd let me!

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Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate all you have done for electronic music.
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