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EDM or breaks?
Old 6th March 2017
EDM or breaks?

HELLO! Been listening to you two since the Beginning...saw you in the 90s and shook hands... I'll take that with me forever!

I'm wondering, did/do you ever think of your music as IDM? When I wanted to find it in the record stores, it was in the IDM section, and I'm thinking, these guys are more like techno-trance breaks to me.

Your thoughts?

HUGE respect!
Noah Richardson
Old 14th March 2017
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paul h's Avatar

ha! I don't really think of my music as being in one box or another. I hear all sorts of things in there. keep it simple, electronic music!

I never liked the term IDM, it implies a snobbish attitude towards what ever it doesn't see in its camp. don't like that. Dance music by its very nature is all about heart not mind anyway.

where did we shake hands? Id love to know , see if i remeber it!
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