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Paul H in Dublin.. Late 90's / Early 00's
Old 4th March 2017
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Paul H in Dublin.. Late 90's / Early 00's

Hi Guys,

Just want to start off by saying that I've enjoyed Orbital's music for well over 20 years. My mates used to have Glastonbury appearances on VHS & I was lucky enough to catch you a good few times. A highlight was going to both nights in the Olympia Theater in Dublin to see you.

My question is for Paul. Its a long shot.

I seen you around Dublin a fair few times one Xmas. You were playing a night in the Temple Bar Music Centre.. In the side room. There was a great vibe in there. It was a long time ago & I cant remember exactly what year it was, but was wondering if you could recalled the name of a 7" record you were playing?

I dont think it was a 10" - Seemed to be a 7"

I have a feeling that it could be on Warp, with a silver or gray centre. It was very noisy. It appeared to be almost white noise.. but with hindsight, it could have had a lot of harsh, digital sounding / random pitches. The place erupted when you played it.

It was late at night, so details may not be facts. Also, it was a lonnnnng time ago; so I really dont expect anything. Occasionally I'll go over to discogs & flick through Warp's page. Its always been unfruitful haha.. so it may not be on Warp :D

Anyway.. It was nice to be able to ask a question & say hello to you. Keep up the good work & best of luck with the new stuff
Old 9th March 2017
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I remember the night well, It really was a great vibe, I remember playing fat boy slim right hear right now before it was massive, probably a promo, so that would put a date on it. I don't think it would have been a 7" i used to play some moving shadow 10"s . lets see if we can really nail this one.

was it this, not exactly as you microbe but fairly bright and always mad people go mental

if not i'll think again , but my guess is thats the one.
Old 11th March 2017
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Hi Paul,

Sorry for not getting back sooner. I was waiting for the thread to be approved & had honestly given up hope that it would haha.. What a result. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.

Ok.. so that track sounds way different to the sensory way I experienced it back then. But after a few listens, I reckon it could well be it.

It took a while for it to register with me as I'm listening to it as a 'producer' now.. zeroing in on particular sounds etc.. Thats why clubbing is such a good way of experiencing music.. such a naive, pure way of listening.

I'm sure the sound of the room added to the vibe too.. but the crackle and sharp hihats / dubby messed-up breaks - Yeah.. I think thats it. I think I remember it as if you mixed a new track quickly into it, but that was obviously the next section of the EZ Rollers track. Perfect.

If we're right.. i think the previous track that you mixed from was over, or faded out to a beatless section & you mixed the EZ Rollers in from the beginning.

Ah Jesus.. Its wonderful that you replied & that you came back with the answer. A random moment - twice :D

I've genuinely wondered for years about this Paul. You've got a decent memory!!

Thank you.


That was probably around 99 so. I remember my mate coming home with Fatboy Slim's Santa Cruz a couple of years before that. He came in & put on 'The Weekend Starts Here' on the hifi. We had the remote & were playing it at 33 & 45.. flicking the radio on for a second & putting it back. He didn't notice haha - Funny times. That track sounds great sped up.

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