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From studio to stage
Old 3rd March 2017
From studio to stage

Hi chaps,

So you've finished a track, which I'm guessing could be a mixture of hardware and software. What is your approach to get that music to work when it's time to go onstage?

See you @ blue dot.

Kind Regards
Old 8th March 2017
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yes indeed often a mix of both. When I'm prepping a live set , which I'm doing now , i basically break the song back down to its loops and riffs . I don't use any arraignment for a gig, so it's free to be what ever it needs to be on the night. I farm out the midi to any synths i want to fiddle with and some times have to reinvent the sounds and patches if its a part i want to play with live but on a synth that We're not taking on the road. for really specific , non modulated stuff i'll make a loop of a particular synth , say a M5N or a euro rack patch, to retain the character of the synth in the song. It's a balance of playing it so its satisfyingly right for the song and satisfyingly free to modulate and improvise.

but the basic process is breaking it back down into its core elements and putting them into abelton , programming or practicing making patches on synths and making sure all control elements , I use Lemur on 2 i pads , push 2 and 3-4 ( haven't decided yet ) novation xl's, are all programmed correctly.

I'll take some pictures of the live set up tomorrow and post back here . poke me if i forget
Old 9th March 2017
Cheers for replying,

Phew, that sounds very labour intensive but I suppose once it's done it's done (until some bright spark introduces a software update).
A departure from the megadog days then? You(us) must spend as much time learning new software/sequencers/controllers as we do creating.

Must admit as someone who has only played traditional instruments live, the thought of pre-programming my electronic music makes my head go fuzzy, but your brief explanation has given me a valuable insight into how I may find a balance between programming/stems and performance.

So...those photos. Let's 'ave 'em.

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I'd love to eventually see a quick YT video, showing the workflow.

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Old 15th March 2017
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i did post these in another thread ( I can't find them now) , But this was where i intended them so here they are
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Old 15th March 2017
Here for the gear

Hi guys,

Do you ever play any synth / key parts live, or is it more a case of improvising and manipulating the stems you've preprogrammed?
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Originally Posted by markcharlie View Post
Hi guys,

Do you ever play any synth / key parts live, or is it more a case of improvising and manipulating the stems you've preprogrammed?
I used to play a bit of keys back in the early 90's as we ran out of parts on the mat 8 ! nowadays i usually play one note once in impact , you know, just for old times sake.

its all improve with loops af midi and audio/ samples. mixing and fx. No stems as that fixes you to an arraignment , i prefer to be foot loose and fancy free when it comes to the night.

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