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Your process as songwriters
Old 2nd March 2017
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Your process as songwriters

First off, you guys rock.

My question pertains to how you guys write your songs. How do you guys usually start a track? Do you write a chord progression and then build from there? Or, do you write a simple melody/bass part on drums and then write tonally relevant parts. Also how do you guys strike a balance between simplicity and excitement (keeping the song from getting too repetitive)?

I've been struggling to make music that sounds like "EDM." I think part of it is my process. I struggle with simplicity and overcompensate by adding too much. I start with chord progressions and as a result my music may be a little too melody oriented, if that makes sense.
Old 4th March 2017
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I'm not ignoring your question, but it requires more though. I'll come back to this...

but to start , there is no typical start point, it could be any element. the key is, if it's exciting or moving then you've begun.
Old 6th March 2017
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i think with regards to repetition , you change the composition when you naturally get bored/need another part.I also find with repetitive parts, if its on a synth , I mostly record a part while performing it with modulation filters etc. that keeps the whole thing alive.

Some different types of music have a distinctive purpose . EDM is one of then, it's design and purpose is to dance to , it's designed to be played loud in a big space. with this in mind it does work best when it adheres to some simple rules. Keep it simple is one, you want it to sound good on first listen. Over complex melody will ofter only work on repeated listens. Your better off sticking to riffs and simple hooks. chords are fine , just don't over complicate. You can get more complex in a big break down ( look at deadmu5 for examples of this ) .

If you want to make EDM try and be more disciplined in your approach and stick to the plan, but if you naturally lean towards more complexity and enjoy it , why not go in that direction? Don't fight your natural urge . Always room for more melodically orientated dance music , but it probably won't be played in big EDM clubs, that's ok too.
Just a thought why not do your natural thing and make music that is melody orientated then when your finished do a stripped down EDM remix?
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