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Are we having fun here or what?!!!
Old 10th June 2004
Smile Are we having fun here or what?!!!

Thanks Mike!

Great forum!

Great job!

Jules admin
Old 10th June 2004
Here for the gear
Joe Jacob's Avatar

Brilliant!.. Truly. Much appreciated Mike!!
Old 10th June 2004
Lives for gear

Absolutely. First Charles and now Mike. This is really a fascinating insight. Thanks for giving up your time Mike.

Old 10th June 2004
Lives for gear
boody's Avatar

I'm a novice here, but I already learnt more than in the whole last year, and Í'm completely into mixing right now to practice what I read

comes at a great time, since this month I'll mix my first two albums for my soon to be label.

thanks a lot, also to Charles for last months guestforum & to Jules for making it happen.. Great info: priceless!!!
Old 10th June 2004
Gear Addict
Stargazer's Avatar

thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup
Old 10th June 2004
Lives for gear
Jose Mrochek's Avatar

It can't get better than this!!! A millon Thanks to Jules, Mike, Charles and everyone who takes the time to give good advice
Old 10th June 2004
Lives for gear
preben's Avatar

Yup - I find myself checking GS even more regularly than I used to a couple of months ago... I thought this was impossible - but clearly not
Old 10th June 2004
Gear Maniac

Gearslutz is by far the best audio bulletin board on the net. Jules and the rest of the Gearslutz crew continue to attract some of the most talented people in this industry to be moderators, guest moderators, and participants on this board.

Hey, all to all of us who post frequently or just lurk around reading all the great info on here, thanks for keeping the tone of this forum upbeat, positive, and open to sharing truly useful and valuable information for all levels of participants. I have left many other boards because they have become filled with a bunch of negative and bs type of comments on every question asked.

And to Mike. Wow!! I look forward to reading your posts everyday this month. It has been awesome so far.
Old 10th June 2004
Lives for gear
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Old 11th June 2004
Gear Addict
burst's Avatar

rare post

I just have to second these sentiments. I rarely post here, but I NEVER go a day without checking in and asking the universe to bring all of you much happiness and success in return for all your generosity.

This place has so many gracious and decent people hanging out... I consider it a real privelege to be able to lurk, listen and learn.

Thank you, Gearslutz!

Old 11th June 2004
Jai guru deva om
warhead's Avatar

Truly awesome, good stuff, thanks to all...especially Mike and Charles!

Old 11th June 2004
Lives for gear
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Old 11th June 2004
Lives for gear
Tim L's Avatar

How am I supposed to get anything done with all this great stuff happening here...

Must turn computer off....

NO, NO, Just one more thread...!
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