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The pressure of mixing hits
Old 4th June 2004
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Jose Mrochek's Avatar

The pressure of mixing hits

Mike, I am so amazed by all the hits you have mixed this question came to mind. I write songs, currently recording my first album and feel so pressured to present some good material and hope some record company or producer will be interested in my work.. that I go through depression one day, next day feel good, next day depression.. etc.. etc.. In other words.. stresses the hell out of me. (and well my family is about to kill me, but that is another story... jiji)

But in a good sense, being a nobody does give me the chance to have a couple of failures.

My question is, how do you manage the stress of having such a reputation and keeping it for so many years???? If an album you have mixed doesn't do as well as you thought.. do you feel responsible ??? I can't even imagine what kind of stress you go through when you know a mix of yours will reach millons??? Do you even think about that ?? I truly admire people like you, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
Old 4th June 2004
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Bump... I'd like to hear this as well...
Old 4th June 2004
Mike Shipley's Avatar

I only think about doing the best mix I can and apply as much energy no matter whether I'm working with a well know artist or whether I'm not. I feel a little pressure when the artist comes in to hear the mix for the first time. Especially if it's a new client, but that's only natural I reckon.
Even that is good energy tho 'cos it's a challenge and another new bunch of people to get to know.
One thing is that having spent so many years working with "perfectionist " producers it became hard to stop fiddling with mixes and actually sign off on them or learn when to stop !! But at a certain point you just gotta let go of it and say that your done , Ill be cruising along and some instinct just tells me I'm done now and that more fiddling is not going to add anything constructive.
Stressing about it is not happening cos you get all worked up and stops any flow youve got going so if I need anything to help a sticky mixing situation like more time or if I think the track needs some more work or whatever , then I just ask for it and there's no never a problem because it's in the artist's interest really.
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