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Mike, what do you mix t0 (2TRK)
Old 3rd June 2004
Gear Nut

Mike, what do you mix t0 (2TRK)

Hey Mike,

thanks for all the awesome info - great stuff indeed!

I may have missed this somewhere, but what do print your final mixes to? I read where you use the HEDD, but do you route that back into ProTools, or to an external 2-track recorder?


Todd Robbins
Nashville, TN
Old 3rd June 2004
Mike Shipley's Avatar

I mix to half inch and also into a seperate protools system thru Mytek converters at 96k as well as back into whatever sample rate the session is in if I'm in the studio and If I'm mixing ITB then I go thru the folcrom , Cranesong Flamingo and Hedd to Protools.
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