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ITB mixing questions Dynamics Plugins
Old 2nd June 2004
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ITB mixing and subs questions

Let's talk about how you do these things in the box:

1. Delay compensation - are you a stickler, or do you apply only where needed?

2. Subs - when creating drum subs, vocal subs, etc. tell us about your method and what you bring over, i.e. " i take the kick, snare, OH, etc all buss out to stereo aux in..."

3. On your subs, what plug ins, what order, are you using?

Thanks Mike!

Old 5th June 2004
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Mike - Look at me!!!
Old 6th June 2004
Mike Shipley's Avatar

I seeya JHO..yes I am a stickler for delay compensation and it was always a right pain in the @ss!!! Bu now with the new Protools version I am in heaven 'cos it's easy to get everything focussed properly now that ADC in in the new software.
I usually set up 3 drum busses with different comressors with different ratios and attack time etc. It depends on the sound I'm after in terms of what goes into each sub of course but one will have a very fast attack and release for kust m ore depth of field and another will have a slowwere attack and fast release for added punch if need be. If I'm using plugs it varies a lot but the ren comp is ok 'cos it has a very fast attack and I find that useful , but I mess with them all really.
I will get the initial drumsound and after thats working I will mess with the Subs in different sections of the song.
I also set up bv subs etc so I can deal with them as stereo pairs afer Ive dealt with them individually. One of the better advantages in using something like a procontrol is that unlike an analog console all the stereo instruments can come up one fader so across awhole big mix it becomes quite a maneagable size!!!.love that.
Old 6th June 2004
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I may have asked this before, but which are some of the songs you've mixed in the box?

As someone who bounces back and fourth between ITB and SSL, I'm starting to really be bothered by the physical size of an analog console. Having to scoot my chair around out of the sweet spot, inaccurate recalls, and the phase shift from the reflections off the console are bugging me a little.
Old 7th June 2004
Mike Shipley's Avatar

I'm only recently bringing in outside clients to my home studio for mixing ITB , up'till now its been with 3 artists on our label , but apart from that so far it's been a new single for "Maroon 5" , an album and surround DVD for "Guster" and 3 mixes that are single candidates for a forthcoming album by a new artist on WB called Caleb Kane. There are a couple more I can't recall right now but I'll look back in the log and let you know.
I love being in the sweet spot all the time also.
Old 7th June 2004
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What's on your master fader, plug in are summing so your 2 mix comes of your folcrom, right? So if folcrom not 100% ITB....?

At your home place, you have no external comps or anything that you're using on the final mixes?
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