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Message for the Monkeys
Old 30th September 2005
Here for the gear

Message for the Monkeys

Dear Michael

This great month is almost over, and you have given so many incredibly useful answers to our questions.

Before you go away...could you answer a question of your own...something you believe to be supremely important that we may have missed.

If you were asking questions on a forum like this when you were still a monkey, what is the most iimportant question you could have asked, and what is the answer?

Thanks, Nick
Old 30th September 2005
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Michael Brauer's Avatar

well, after the 160 + questions i've been asked, you guys pretty much covered everything for this go around. Maybe in a few months, if I'm invited back, you monkeys can come up with some more questions that will have me up late at night.
Old 30th September 2005
matt thomas's Avatar
hey hey we're the monkeys.

thanks heaps, I'm sure you've earnt lots of great karma

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