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one more buss q
Old 29th September 2005
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Cool one more buss q

Hi Michael,

just one more about busses...

I was wondering, if you use your sends to send to compressor(s), it must be pre fader right? Because if it's post, then your level of send will be unequal every time you move the main fader?Hope that I'm making sense here...
I sopouse that your reverb/delay sends are pre fader also,meaning that u use uncompressed signal feeding the reverb ?

This past month here was really great for me....
Actually, it was more than that, but I just don't have better words to express it...

Thank you for everything...

Best regards
Old 30th September 2005
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logic says yes, I should be in prefader because in post fader it will change as I ride the fader, but it practice, no. It's all good my friend, just let the fader ride, let it ride.

I've been doing it this way for years and maybe, i'm doing something magical where my brilliant brain is automatically compensating for the change in compression and blah blah blah techitechitechifart.. yawn. Somebody call for pizza, yah, i'll tell you how i want mine ok?
Old 30th September 2005
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Do you do the same for inserts as well? Or just for the busses...?
Old 30th September 2005
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preinsert on individual track channels if it sounds better.
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