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Overheads in B?
Old 28th September 2005
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Overheads in B?

Hey Michael,
Thanks so much for taking the time. We try to do what you do every day.

You said you use delayed plates. Do you mean plates with a predelay, or do you have a plate return that then gets sent to a delay? If it's plate getting sent to a delay, is it 100% of the signal getting delayed (insert) or just some of it getting sent to a delay?

Thanks a million!

Old 28th September 2005
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On every digital plate you have a predelay option, that's what i'm referring to.

But since you bring up the delayed plate question ,it reminds me of a cool idea we did at Mediasound back in the day. For those who have real EMT plates, this one's a beauty. You can hear what I'm talking about by listening to Luther's first two records and Aretha's "Jump to it' and "get it right" records I recorded and mixed.

Take the output of the Left side of a stereo cue and go into a delay( set at 125ms for example).
Take the output of the delay and go into a mult.
Take the output of the Right side of a stereo cue and go into the same mult.
Go out of the mult and into the input of the EMT plate.

Now you control the amount of delay by using the pan. You can have the gtr sending to the plate w/o delay. For the vocal, you can pan the stereo cue to the center and have a little delay along with the direct signal going to the plate.
Old 28th September 2005
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ooh clever - thanks for that one! thumbsup
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