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Old 26th September 2005
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Getting Better All the Time...

First, let me just say how much I'm enjoying all the thoughtful, informative, and entertaining answers you've been providing to all us lucky Gearsluts this month!

My question is kind of a two parter

First, is there anything you hear in other people's mixes that just drives you up the wall and makes you say "Egad! How can anybody DO THAT to a piece of music and get away with it!"? I'm thinking of over-used cliches, basic 'mistakes', etc...

And second, do you think your own mixes have an identifiable signature sound that would make someone else say 'Ooh, listen - that must be a Michael Brauer mix!"?
Old 26th September 2005
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There have been a couple times where the snare was so out of place or the sound so wrong for the music that I was too distracted to listen to the record. Otherwise, the only time that happens is when I'm listening to something that i've been hired to remix and I hear obvious problems but that doesn't really count.

I try not to get in the way of a record. I want to be as transparent in the process as possible. But I think the way I have a vocal drive a song might be identifiable. It's probably more a question for someone else to answer.
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