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Keeping compressor settings the same
Old 24th September 2005
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Keeping compressor settings the same

Hi Michael,

Considering the extensive number of compressors/limiters you have in your arsenal, I was curious if there are any units you leave at or around the same settings most or all of the time from project to project. In other words, are some units set to a basic sweet spot that doesn't change much, and that you tend to run the same types of sounds through for those respective units?
Old 24th September 2005
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i leave most of the ones that are in the back of the rack static. In fact I've gotten to try and leave everything static lately. Eq's change of course, but with so many choices for sounds if one doesn't work I just plug it into another. I may tweak the threshold but that's about it. yes, each one is already set to it's sweetspot. My assistants love the idea, it makes recalls a a degree.
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