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Any advice on maintaining a ballanced ego?
Old 23rd September 2005
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Any advice on maintaining a ballanced ego?

Hey Mike,

Your Coldplay mixes are very radio, yet so vintage-y at the same time.

Have you ever had mixes that were rejected and remixed by someone else? How do you deal with that kind of thing? Any advice on maintaining a ballanced ego?

Old 24th September 2005
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Thank you, I'm proud of that record.

Yes, rejection happens to us all. It's part of life. It does not happen often, because if it did, I wouldn't be working very much. I'm the guy that's hired to do the remixing so if my mixes don't fly, know the ending.

I know in my heart that when a mix is completed and turned in to the record company, I did the very best job possible. No excuses are exceptable. I didn't get lazy at any point in the process, I didn't cut corners, I didn't leave certain tasks or ideas unfinished. I took it all the way home. If they reject the mix and feel like someone else has a better take on the song, well, that's their right because it's their record. I'm going to sleep ok because I know I did my best. In fact, maybe I'll learn something from it. Maybe my take on it was wrong. Maybe I made it a bit too slick and the original mix just had a raw power that, with all it's faults, still felt better than mine. So next time, maybe I'll pay closer attention to other elements of a song. I don't like making the same mistake twice.

It doesn't really matter if I listen to my mix against the one that was chosen and think wow, my was way better. In fact, I wouldn't waste my time. There are a lot of other reasons why a mix is rejected that has nothing to do with you. There is the real world of politics or name recognition that can help sell a product to a radio station.

Yah it hurts, for minute, that my mix isn't always the best thing since sliced bread but I get over it. I have to because I'm usually in the middle of mixing another one and I don't want it to put a damper on the task at hand.

BTW, That mind set did not come naturally. I've been doing it for a long enough time that I've come to peace with it. Rejection happens, do what you can to learn from it. Turn it around.
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