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How physically tuned are you when mixing?
Old 21st September 2005
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How physically tuned are you when mixing?

How much do you tune to your body's clues, responses, when mixing?

Do you remain alert for toe-tapping, goosebumps etc..

Do you tend to sit while mixing or move around, dance even?

Do you let yourself cry?

thanks Michael

Old 22nd September 2005
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Ok, I know what's going on, somebody's seen me in the folds video right? When I saw that of me mixing in Nashville, I laughed my ass off and then turned to my assistant and asked " hay do I look a moron?" Too late now. But yah, that's me when there's a great groove, I'm having a good time. I don't care about anything going on around me. I don't look at the faders, it's kind of like playing the piano. I never write anything down on the console so there's no point looking at them. I've memorized what's on all the faders. So I guess the answer is yes to some of the questions and I won't admit anything to others. I'm glad I'm not a celebrity, I could see my ass being impersonated on Saturday night live looking like a white Ray Charles at the console. yah, yah, I know, I’ll beat you to it. I'm no Ray Charles!
Old 22nd September 2005
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Toe tapping

Hi Michael,

As you may recall, I worked with Lincoln Clapp at Media Sound from @1980 through 1986. I learned everything from him, you , Bob C., Michael Barbiaro (he mixed the first big single I produced) and on and on. [I was getting a cup of coffee once and you said, "Come in and check this out. You were re-mixing a Bowie record and had just found the third reel of tape (now 72 tracks!). You soloed the vocal for me to point out that it was a guide in a booth.] Anyway, something truly valuable that Lincoln pointed out one day: He was mixing away for a few hours with several clients in the background. Suddenly he reach up and pull down ALL of the faders (no automation)!!! I thought I was going to faint. He said, "We're past it". Look---no one's tapping their toes!"
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