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How Much Prep Time on a Mix?
Old 21st September 2005
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How Much Prep Time on a Mix?

In a previous post you say of your assistant,

"He had been up all night getting my session finished..."

How much prep time by your assistant goes into sessions that you mix? I'm sure it's variable, but what are the variables and how do you factor them in? Do you bill his time as well, or is it an all in fee for your mix?
Old 22nd September 2005
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Generally, he spends an hour setting up the session. This doesn't include setting up the room from scratch with all my gear. That takes place when i go away for a week or so. That set up takes about 3hours. There are times when he discovers a major problem with the files the night before and he'll spend as much time as necessary so that i can sit down at 9am and begin mixing. The boy is dedicated!
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