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Does multibuss compression work on everything?
Old 20th September 2005
Does multibuss compression work on everything?

Does multibuss compression work on everything?

Will you ever go back to stereo mixing?

Old 21st September 2005
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No, it doesn't work on everything. I developed this approach because I was frustrated by the limitations I kept running into with just a stereo compressor. I didn't know how else to get a big dynamic mix with a counter pumping action so that’s what I came up with. It certainly hasn't been a problem for other mixers to get great mixes in the stereo compression mode because they addressed limitations from a different angle.

Sometimes, I prefer just sending my stereo to the neve's/pultecs chain. There have been times when the multi buss approach was too open and I didn't want all that freedom going on within the mix. So I just sent everything to my A buss, I was back to the classic mode and the mix sounded just right.

Does my way work better than somebody else’s way? Who cares? Try everything. There is no wrong way as long as the song sounds great.

Does Andy Wallace need multi buss compression to make his mixes sound better? Yah right. He hardly uses any outboard…bastard. Life is less complicated and so are the recalls. I've been in situations where I mixed a record with just a few toys, like the Ben Folds record. I still managed to incorporate some of my ideas and I had a blast! I mixed it as well as if I’d had access to all my toys, because I knew what I wanted to hear, and just did it.

Once again, toys are nice, multi buss compression is nice but they’re just tools to get your ideas out.
Old 22nd September 2005
Here for the gear

Can someone point me in the direction of the multi buss compression threads! Can't find them. Thank you!!!
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