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getting bass guitar right
Old 20th September 2005
Here for the gear

getting bass guitar right

Hi Michael,

how do you get a nice fat bass to sit right in a mix without having boomy resanant notes,

It is a constant problem for me, a a# and b always seem to boom out and even when i manualy make them softer they always have a strong resonance.
When i compare good mixes in my room they dont have the same problem, so its not my room or monitors
I usualy compress the bass either with a distressor or la4 and lately have been using some multiband compression in my computer...but still have the same problem?
Old 21st September 2005
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I've run into that problem many times. Sucks doesn't it? This is how I deal with it; I always bring the bass amp and direct on two channels, float them to two busses and bring the two busses back on two channels. One channel has a 737 across it and the other has a dbx on it . The function of the 737 is to be the anchor and hold down the bottome end. I'll eq and compress it so that it sounds warm and fat, no top. I take the dbx and squeeze the tits out of it. I'll eq out(sharp Q) any notes that jump out and I'll take out alot of the bottom. So now I have my bottom end from the 747 and my mid range and clarity from the dbx. Then I put a crank call in to the guy that recorded it and I'm ready to mix.

The 747/dbx combination is just an example. take any two comps that represent a good bottom and good mid. I would stay away from the La4 for awhile until you get the hang of it with something else. The La will find it's way back into the mix but it's not great for addressing this problem.

If you have only one direct as the source, just bring that back up on two channels. I always check the phase between the two basses to see how it sounds. There have been times where those annoying notes completely disappeared by switching phase. That bright bass sound I had on all the records I recorded for Luther, Aretha, and many other R&B records were by putting the amp and direct out of phase to each other. Marcus, the bass player, had a music man with the preamp in the bass and it sounded killer when I put it out of phase to the bass amp which was an ampex. (The model that has the removable head that stores in the speaker unit.
Old 22nd September 2005
Michael, great idea! But know you got me confused... Do you mean the 737 Direct Recording Channel or the 747 Stereo Compressor / EQ?

Old 24th September 2005
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oops, 737. thanks for pointing that out.
Old 24th September 2005
Here for the gear

Thanks Michael,
I have a dbx 160 vu and the 737.... have never realy like the compressor in the 737 but will try and give it a go again. I will then give myself a prank call since I usualy record the bass...will look at all my compressors again when i record bass.

The la4 i have is modded , it has new opamps etc. its an excellent mod and sounds awesome on most things....very clean and smooth.... but your right its probably not the best thing to deal with this problem.

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