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Too many tracks left for the mix?? What To Do?
Old 15th September 2005
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Too many tracks left for the mix?? What To Do?

Hey Michael,

Firstly, Thanks for taking the time here on Gearslutz!! Much Appreciated!!

My question:

Do you ever get songs to mix that have way too much going on and the decisions are left to you during the mix? Some producers like to leave a lot of options for the mix... sometimes leave too many (IMO). Do you see a lot of that? Do you ever feel like you are doing the producer's work when you are mixing? If so, do you feel it takes you out of your mix? Do you like having the option to shape parts?

Thanks Again!!!
Old 22nd September 2005
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Ok, this one should be easy. I think by defining my role as mixer, it should help answer your question. I’m hired to present a completed mix to the artist/producer/ record company. When they sit down to listen back to my mix, they should be 100% happy or close to it. The “close to it” part might take an hour of tweaking to move it up in the 100% range. How many tracks I use, what choices, what direction, arrangement changes are all decisions that are expected for me to make. That’s what I’m being hired to do. If it needs it, I do it. If it doesn’t need rearranging, I’m a happy guy and I just mix the song as is. My title may not say producer, but at this point in the process, I’m wearing that hat as well as engineer and mixer. Hold on, don’t jump the gun, the exceptions are fast and furious. Before I begin the mix process, I ask a lot of questions about the song to whomever is attending the mix so I get a good sense of what they want…unless I’m being hired to remix a single and of course the rules change. Ok, answering this question is going to make me crazy I can already tell, BUT…If the producer attends the mix, he’ll have comments about what I’ve just mixed and so we’ll address those and if the ideas work, good, if not, they go, well they’re supposed to go. If the artist and producer both attend the mix, they’ll both have comments and I make the changes as long as it’s good for the song. If the artist and producer don’t agree, I shut up. Then, if A&R walks in and likes what I did but the producer and artist don’t like the guy, I shut up some more. Then when they all come to an agreement….aah what am I saying, assuming they all agree I try the new and better improved ideas, or they try to force me to try every idea they disagreed on and then they might want two versions printed and, of course we’re still on the intro. If that happens, then at this point I take charge and say, “ Sorry guys, but this mix is starting to sound like sh*t, there’s no more focus to this song, I want to listen to the mix I printed. If I prefer it, I’ll hope they’re up for just doing an alternate. Well it doesn’t always pan out like that because… Ok, that’s it I’m not answering this question. In an ideal world I put up the tracks, it’ selfmixed, they love it, I go home. End of story, end of this question. Let somebody else answer it next month, I quit.
Old 22nd September 2005
Thats it - the trigger question "Too many tracks left for the mix?? What To Do?" has messed up this whole forum..

Why oh WHY did you have to ask THAT ONE? tutt

Michael! It's OK you can come out! (he locked himself in the machine room and won't come out...) all 11,783 of them have gone now...really.....they just left, it's cool... Michael? (I think I can hear him phoning for a pizza in there...?)
Old 22nd September 2005
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Hi, Angelos? give me a large pizza with everything but I want a good mix of the onions and the pepperoni and make sure the anchovies are riding on top of the cheese reeeal nice. Keep the meatballs on the left side of the pizza and aaah balance it out with sausages on the right,ok?...hello? damn. Hi, Angelos ?...f**k you!Click.
Old 22nd September 2005
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These threads are getting more and more hilarious, that's great!
I knew from the start that talking knobs and buttons would be funnier than "Comedy Central"!

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