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HOw do you know when a mix is 'done'
Old 12th September 2005
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HOw do you know when a mix is 'done'

Hi Michael,
I'm always amazed by the speed some people mix with. Obviously a lot of experience comes into play, but how do you personally know when you've got the mix nailed and it's time to play it to the client? Do you set any time limits for things? Are you ever tempted to just tweek one more thing after you've finished, or have you learnt (or is it learned) to just walk away and move on? Are there any mixes from your past that you'd love to just tweek one little thing on?
Thanks for your time this month,

Old 20th September 2005
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The mix is ready to print, when it feels good to me and nothing more comes to mind to improve it. That's when I play it to the client. I'll make any changes they need and then put it to bed.

I came from a studio(mediasound) where taking more than three hours to mix a song was just not cool so I guess over time, it just became natural to make quick decisions.

I don't wish i could go back to tweak anything I've mixed. It was what it was when it was.
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