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PT Gain structure and calibration.
Old 8th September 2005
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PT Gain structure and calibration.

Hi Michael!

Thanx again for coming ( doing that "we're not worthy scene from Waynes World!")

I take it that now most of your work comes on PT..

So how do you set up the outputs of your PT rig?

Are they all calibrated to 0 on the software faders?

How do you feel the 9000J loads up to the PT interfaces(assuming they are digi ones?) and do you have to mess around with the desk gain structure much to get it to 'sit' nicely where you can make your own mix gain structure work well?

Do you do many 'rides or mutes' in PT or strictly old school stytlee on the SSL?

Old 21st September 2005
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Well, this one's for my trusty second assistant who also doubles as a comedian which comes in handy at 14 hours into a day. Will, answer these tech questions for me since I have no idea about it.

Hi, this is Will, Michael's second assistant, I'm 6'3" 170, I like long
walks on the beach, cosmic bowling, rum and ... wait I thought this was
a dating service. Uhhh... P Trig... I think I took that before linear

Real answer:

We have a PT I/O setup which we import with every stereo session and
another one with every 5.1 session made by the lovely and talented
Keith Gary. The Protools outputs all come up on their corresponding
track on the console.

To calibrate our protools rig we have all 48 analog outputs generating
a -18dB (Full scale) 1k tone coming up on the SSL and meter the inputs.
(Sometimes we get sessions where an additional 8 or 16 channels are
needed and that involves some trickery, but that's another bag of
spaghetti). We get all the meters to read 0dB on the SSL by tweaking
the back of the protools I/O. Then to cal the inputs of protools (for
printing back our passes or fx...) we hand patch 1k @ 0dB tone one at a
time from the oscillator of the SSL into the tape machine inputs. While
watching the protools input meters in calibration mode we cal all the
inputs to -18.0 dB. We also check 10k and 100Hz. There is no way to
change the calibration of different frequencies on a protools I/O but
this will tell us if an a/d or d/a in protools is bad (which has
happened and makes recalls... interesting).

Michael, just so you know, that's really an elementary question.

Will, just so you know, so were those two mispatches you did yesterday.
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