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Dream Theater
Old 7th September 2005
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Dream Theater

Hi Michael

I noticed you have no Q&A for Dream Theater yet on your site so maybe this can get it started

*Did you have to do any particular EQ cuts for Petrucci's tracks..because he likes to blend amps.

*Was the record tracked to Tape or was a simulation used because I have noticed DT mixes can be a little muddy--although this CD is more open than the last few mixed by Kevin

Anything else you can say on techniques used on this record would be great and cheers on that Sacrifice Sons mix--especially the solo(mixed with synths)
Old 9th September 2005
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That was a trip to mix. I had so much fun. I only had PT files to mix from but I believe it was originally recorded to 24track 2inch and then transferred to PT…or not. I don’t remember much about how the guitar tracks came up although it might very well have been a combination of amps . That was nine day blurr.

Kevin Shirley is a good friend of mine. He gave me some pointers on what kind of sound Jon likes to hear and how to get it. How cool was that? He suggested I use a stereo processor called a peavey kosmos and a drawmer 1961 EQ…so I did. I did my version of it and Jon loved it.

Only Mike and Jon attended the mix session and these guys were a lot of fun to hang with. We all laughed a lot. I gotta say though, I was a bit curious why they called me to mix their record since I didn’t really have proof in my discography that I could mix the hard stuff. So I asked them because honestly, I didn’t want to find out two days into the mix that they mixed my name up with someone else’s. So I asked what records of mine they liked and they mentioned Coldplay so I figured they had the right guy.

Once I heard the roughs of the songs I was to mix, it made sense. Some of the material had the depth and arrangement of Coldplay and some songs had the Andy Wallace “in your face” type sound of Chevelle but with piano and strings added to the mix. It was going to be a fun challenge and I was up for it.
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