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What digital plug-ins/effects are you using to replace analog equivalents and why?
Old 26th March 2013
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What digital plug-ins/effects are you using to replace analog equivalents and why?

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for doing this! I didn't realize how much of an influence you've been on me as a musician and engineer until I read your discography, so it's quite an honor.

So, what I'm curious about is with the progress of plug-in emulations of analog equipment in the past few years, how much have you integrated that technology into your workflow, and why or why not?

For example, it would seem to me a much more convenient option to apply 1176 plug-ins, API plug-ins, or whatever other plug-ins you use to channels in the DAW for mixing than if you hardwired in all of the hardware rack gear equivalent to the mix.

Is there some circumstances where you will use plug-ins, but others where you won't? I suspect that you like most engineers today(including myself) have a combination of analog and digital equipment that your using, so I'd like to know how your integrating the digital and analog technology into your workflow today.
Old 28th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
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Thanks for saying so- I appreciate it.

I love some plug-ins- it's just a matter of application. I still prefer analog signal processing in a chain and generally use plug-ins as an afterthought, such as if I wanted another compressor on a specific sound, but an analog compressor in that position negatively impacted it. I'll tend to rely on this mainly if I'm working in the box- otherwise, I'd still opt for analog processing, as long as the session is high rez. This is only because I try to avoid extra conversion- even D/A to monitor- and only do this if the session was recorded and monitored through an analog console. I haven't been as happy with stuff that was recorded in the box and then, moved over to an analog monitoring/mixing/mastering configuration.
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