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Korn 2002
Old 24th March 2013
Lives for gear
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Korn 2002

Hey Michael! Hope it's not too late to ask you about your studio work with Korn, These guys come across with the goods, I hate to hear all the stuff produced in their wake. Thanks for your time and Pro tracks! Korn Feat. Skrillex - 'Get Up' music video - YouTube
Old 25th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

Sure- there was a lot to what we did. Anything specific?
Old 27th March 2013
Here for the gear
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Hi Micheal, I'm a massive fan of the Untouchables record and I think you did a fantastic job producing it. I just want to ask you about how much material was cut from the album and what happens to it when it is cut? I watched the Making of Untouchables back in the day and remember hearing some material that wasn't on the album.
Old 27th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

Thanks for saying so.

I can't actually recall what, if anything, was left off the record. If anything was cut, it would still exist as a file somewhere. I'm pretty sure we recorded 14 songs and they all got used. Did you hear anything that was being worked up in pre-production?
Old 27th March 2013
Lives for gear

Korn is one of my favs. David was my hero when I started drumming.

What was it like tracking him? Anything you can say about the way he played, why you chose certain mics for drums based on their music?

With john, did you direct him as far as backup harmonies go? He has added quite a bit more as time goes on in his career.

How was fieldy tracked with his clacky slap style? How do you approach it when he goes from slapping to playing a smooth bassline? Because for him it's truly one extreme to another haha.

Thx for any reply!
Old 28th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

Putting together David's rig was an interesting experience- we had to change how we would normally mic a kit because of how he tends to choke a drum when he hits. This meant having to mic around the drums to get as much tone as possible. We also tried to de-emphasize the cymbals and underscore the rest of the kit- especially the kick drum.

Jon just did his own thing as far as harmonies and vocals.

With Fieldy, we had to approach his bass from a different standpoint than on other recordings they did. He told me early on that he was a percussionist- not a bassist, but I chose to ignore this and decided to record him as a bassist. He usually gets a very scooped sound with no mids- we added mids and low mids so we could actually hear what he was doing. I've been told that out of all the Korn records, Fieldy is the least happy with the bass sound we got on Untouchables.
Old 28th March 2013
Lives for gear

Wow... I had no idea David choked his drums. I actually think all his recordings sound great and the new drummer's (whoever plays on their records after David left) sound muffled and lame in comparison.
So... hats of to you, and everyone who has worked on their records while David played!

As for Fieldy, I think different producers/mixers did different things to deal with his style. I remember on the two records prior to yours, they used a lot of the 'buzz' effect to hide some of his clacking it seemed. A sharp little BZZZT haha.

But I think the low-end of Untouchables is great. I took a listen back to it a few days ago and I truly think this record holds up. I truly enjoy the songs and how they were put together and given a vibe. Blame, Hollow Life, Hating, so different from their previous material and I love the moods.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on it.
Old 28th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

We really put a lot of effort into making the drums sound very exciting and yes- lots of low-end.
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