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Will "The Cloud" offer a solution? Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 18th March 2013
Lives for gear
Space1999's Avatar

Will "The Cloud" offer a solution?


I have read all of your thoughts on your web site. While time and space prohibit explanation I have been on a similar life path/quest. I literally walked away from it all when I decided I would rather drive a truck than witness the slow death of what I loved so dearly.

Since I have been freed I and a select few are working on an independant business model that will keep artist development alive. We must put the music out there and reality and our ethics dictate it cannot be for fre
In order to turn this into reality the investors of time and money need to have a delivery vehicle that cannot be so easily pirated.

Do you think the answer is in the clouds? Does preventing theft of music require that no one can physically own a copy of a song anymore?

We are seriously contemplating distributing music through cloud based technology only where the User has purchased permanent access to a title only by streaming it to their registered devices...
Old 19th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

Yes, I'm with you- there needs to be a system (or multiple systems) which operate as a separate universe from the current music industry.*

However, working through the legacy that the music industry has left is an entirely different matter. Due to the negligence and greed of the recording industry, the public now is convinced that it has a right- an entitlement to acquire music without paying for it. I don't necessarily agree with this way of thinking, but until enough, music lovers are convinced that they should once again pay for music, that's the reality.*

What remains, then, is to do the convincing. This will only happen if truly amazing music is available to the public that they feel, not only a personal relationship to, but the need to support or subsidize it. The main reason (apart from it being readily available for free) that more people illegally download music is that they feel no need to subsidize something that has little/no meaning to them. I have never before seen people more ambivalent about the value of music in their lives (and existing primarily as a background activity that they can take or leave) and this tells me that there is more going on here than mere commerce.*

In this case, yes, a cloud system is a great idea. However, it must be filled with a commodity that people will actually be willing to pay for. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
Old 20th March 2013
Lives for gear
Space1999's Avatar

I agree 100% The public will do anything or pay anything to get what they feel they can't live without! Its our job to provide them with that product. But that product can't be quick grown in a test tube it has to be nurtured and tended to with patience and care. Unfortunately that puts us several years out till a better product can be consistantly delivered like the string of talent in the 70s. Nevertheless we must get started!

Thank you for your courage and dedication Michael...
Old 20th March 2013
Gear Maniac

The dependency is bandwidth - very limited market until that exists

The risk is security - public cloud = easy access / private cloud = higher cost

It will happen - perhaps in stages
Old 20th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
fexurbis's Avatar

Once again- I agree completely. Talent must be nurtured- it cannot be left to fend for itself as the present day recording industry would have it do. This is the height of irresponsibility and it is up to anyone with vision and the courage to do something about it to take a stand in creating their own channel to facilitate this. There is no current system which addresses the development- therefore, DIY must be left to those with know-how, insight, experience and the desire to mentor others.
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