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Sounds on Ozzmosis
Old 14th March 2013
Here for the gear
Sounds on Ozzmosis

Hi Michael. First thanks for supporting us with your experience.

If exist a thing that I love in your productions, it's the drums, specially the bass drum (Superunknown, Untouchables and Ozzmosis).

I know others hate that boxy sound, but I love this kind of sound.

Maybe the 2" 8-track character, the super-low tunning bassdrum... How did you record it?

It's large the influence of 'Superunknown' in this record and the 'Untouchables' one. It seems that 'Superunknown' is your signature in which artists trust you to produce their albums. It's no strange, it's my favourite recording too.

Cheers. David.
Old 18th March 2013
Ozmosis kickdrum

Hi Michael.

The kickdrum on Ozmosis has an very special sound.
I remember listening to the album as a teenager, before knowing anything about recording and mixing, and noticed the kick stood out compared to other albums. Still loves that Kick and a great album overall.

How did that kick end up like that? Anything special you did?


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Old 19th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
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Thanks and yes- the drums are very foundational and support everything else.

When we recorded Ozzmosis, I wanted to ensure that the drums had a very unique character. Recording to 2" 8 track format went a long way, as did the mic'ing, tuning, the kit, the room and the drummer. We used a single U47 on the kick, which, I'm pretty sure, was a 28" (possibly DW). These can be hit or miss tonally and then, difficult to record even in the best circumstances.

We got lucky with the kick, but I wasn't happy with the pitch. We finally dropped the back head so low that the lugs were loose. The batter side was tighter, but not much. There was muffling, but it barely touched the head and only when it vibrated a lot.

Through some miracle, even though Deen played incredibly hard, we made it through the entire session with only one head change.
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