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What do you think about the "new" house and techno music nowdays?
Old 30th May 2008
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What do you think about the "new" house and techno music nowdays?

It seems that many of both smaller techno artists/producers aswell as bigger, more well known - doesnt listen that much to techno music at all.

They think that a high % of what is being put out there today is boring.

Im curious on what you think about the whole "electronica" scene today.. About the music being put out there.

What do you think is good, bad.. horrible? ;-)

And a follow up question.. what do you think about "electro house"...
I hate that name.. muhaha... ;-)
Old 31st May 2008
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They probably think it's boring because songs are being formatted and put into brackets.

I personally really hate labeling music with a passion. Electro House is a sub genre that shouldn't be there.
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Yeah I agree, one of the things I hate most about posting releases is trying to find a category on Beatport etc. Its a little out of control on all the subgenres, people need to get back to playing a variety of music, and breaking in new styles as a collective experience. Some of my best memories are listening to Chicago and Detroit DJ's playing variety of tunes. Personally I think the music is better than it ever has been right now...genres and all
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