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I've been into the music since about 96', spending most of my time in the Chicago and Detroit areas. I've been honing my production skills, and working with a few labels, remixes, and really learning the ropes of the industry. I've noticed declining sales in records, and also many positive changes in the music. As someone who is trying to establish himself with the intent of finding some niches to fund my passion for the music. Where would you spend most of your time if you were me, what would be your path of focus to get out there and be able to contribute on more of a professional basis and make impact?

Thank you.
Old 19th May 2008
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I would do what i did back in the day: find out who was successful in my area, then either join them or learn from them. Find out how you could contribute to their situation and how it could benefit you in the long run.

The focus for yourself should be artist development and a finished album. If you're not the artist that you feel a label would be interested in, find a great singer that you vibe with.
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