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What about the benjamins Marshall? ;-)
Old 6th May 2008
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What about the benjamins Marshall? ;-)

Most I know, get paid low amounts to release singles nowadays. Even albums doesnt get that much. The only ones (I know of) that are making decent money are those that have been hyped up and doing lots of remix work and their stuff playing on MTV all the time..

It´s interesting that nowadays one cant even seem to read an interview with an artist without reading about them complaining about how bad sales are, etc. Artists are more open about it and it seems almost everyone are seeing low low sales.

Im curious on how things look on your end. Not asking for your Tax report ;-)
And from the money you are making, do you see any diffirences when it comes to diffirent styles (house, electro, remix work, etc)?

Cool to see you are posting here at Gearslutz! :-)
Old 6th May 2008
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Sales are sucking on the digital download side, the money I make is primarily from DJ'ing and songwriting. The songwriting money is from songs I wrote long ago, I get money from the stuff i do now, but nowhere near as much. My income is 50% from DJ'ing and maybe 50% from songwriting checks.
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If I may get in here Marshall, I'd like to throw in my ideas about how I think djs are going to make money in the future. If i'm lucky I'll start a solid conversation because I'm in the mood for it right now.

In any case, my opinion is that live shows are the way of the future to make money. As a younger aspiring producer (evolving from a dj), I've seriously thought about just giving away my tracks for free in the future, no matter my level of success (giving them away when no one likes your music isn't really that ground breaking haha). The hard part about that is distribution. Beatport is great for distribution. Maybe one day there will be an all-free legal source for music. In the long run though, if more people download your music, you get more gigs, that equals money.

Now I may be talking crazy here, but it's my guess on how the industry is going to go. I'd love to hear any other opinions.

Thanks for your time
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