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The Marshall Jefferson gear thread
Old 6th May 2008
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The Marshall Jefferson gear thread

Marshall can we talk about your gear choices? This is gearslutz afterall

Could you tell us a little bit about some of your favorite gear, some classic pieces of gear from the past and also about your current setup.


Old 6th May 2008
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Ha ha, yes, can't believe this one hasn't come up yet either:

Which DAW do you use and why?
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I use Logic. I tried Cubase but it revolted against me, I couldn't figure it out. I'd click record and it wouldn't record. I bought Logic and I wrote a song 15 minutes after it was installed. So, I use Logic because it was easier for me to figure out than Cubase. Drums I use is Stylus, Guru, and BFD. Guru has the best timing. I use Liquid Mix and Waves V Series for EQ/compression. Audio interface is Apogee Duet. On the road I take the Liquid Mix, the Duet, and my laptop and I can remix anything with what's in my laptop bag.

I've had a Roland Jx 8P for 23 years. Roland U220..............Drum machines Roland 707, 727, 909, 808, R8. TB 303, but I sold it to Bam Bam. I've used an MPC 60 and 3000, but never owned them. Other keyboards I've owned were Casio Fz1, Prophet 2000, Korg ex 800, Mirage, Korg O1W, and Ensoniq ESQ1. That's pretty much it, I like to stay with keyboards for years and years.
Old 12th May 2008
Here for the gear

So What Kinda Soft Synth's do you use in Logic? Also do you mix everything 100% in the Box or do you use a Summing device?

Also What kinda advice could you offer when it comes to arrangement and building a track? Do you use Templates? What are your thoughts on working with a vocalist?
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All my mixes are done 100% ITB-on headphones-Sennheiser 595's. I don't use templates, always empty projects ad I just add tracks as I see fit. I use all of Logic's soft synths but sometimes I also use my Roland Jx 8P.

Working with vocalists I have one philosophy-adapt to the voice. I remember working with Byron Stingily of Ten City, he was a huge guy and I knew he had power somewhere, but I couldn't find it, he always sang very softly. Well we were working on a sng called "I Can't Stay Away", and I told him to go up higher for the build at the end-and I found his diaphram. It wasn't in the lower register it was in the high notes. From then on every time we wanted "hands in the air" power we knew to go high.

Some singers freeze in the studio and need you to guide them through every line-even if they're fantastic vocalists. Others screw up if you try to guide and are better left alone. The most emotion vocal I've ever produced was Ce Ce Rogers' Someday, where I recorded him warming up
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Originally Posted by inthere View Post
All my mixes are done 100% ITB-on headphones-Sennheiser 595's.
Wow! How do you manage to not get ear fatigue? I check my mixes on headphones but I get ear fatigue if I spend too much time on them.
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I use a tube headphone amp, the Earmax Pro anniversary edition. I replaced the phillips tubes that came with it with Mullard tubes for extra warmth and softness. I can listen for days without ear fatigue.
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Marshall, what sounds do you like on the U220? Pianos & Strings, stuff like that? I have the U110, which I think is pretty much the same, apart from the effects. The pianos are quite 'sharp' sounding, if I recall.
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No, I use the "rock organ" or "mad organ" sound on the U20 mainly, and I love the "fretless bass" on it too.

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