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Boredom / Fatigue question
Old 27th June 2016
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Boredom / Fatigue question

Hi again,

I remember you talking about sometimes spending long times working on a particular track / set of tunes, and living with the stuff for a while. Do you recall spending so much time on something, that it loses it's initial spark, and if so do you make a conscious effort to battle it and not let it affect the creative decisions / mixing decisions?
Old 28th June 2016
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Hi Jazzupthattriad,

Yes it happens quite often! I'm always trying to keep a eye on losing the initial spark, basically I'm trying to protect that all the time. The only way i can really do that is by having a logic song with the original demo and all new versions so i can A/B to make sure i haven't lost the vibe. It really helps me and also gives you a sense of moving fwd. It really depends on how i am feeling as well, sometimes i don't need to A/B as much, other times especially with delicate feel drum programming i need to A/B after each move! So i try to be realistic about how i'm feeling and if i'm not feeling that focused ill do something else and wait until i feel like i am ready to do it.

I do completely lose it though sometimes and have to concede, that happened on 3 tracks on the last album, all of which i really wanted on the album. I'm about to go back in on one of them over the next few weeks, trying to gear myself up to attack it again

What i will probably do is listen through all the versions and make notes and try and make a game plan on how to deal with it. Fingers crossed!

Sometimes i will just leave it and move on to something else and then come back to it, that can work, other times i like to just keep going more often than not i can get it sorted. I really hate losing the battle though, its a confidence and momentum thing especially when dealing with a whole album. Sometimes after a tricky one ill choose a easy one, sometimes that so called easy one is not as easy as i thought it would be though!

I've been thinking about all this the last few weeks as i'm at the point where i can start to get on with finishing music again and starting new things. With all the album lead up and press etc i found it much harder to focus. I basically stopped in the end as everything was taking longer. I've been watching videos of other people talking about they're process, Engineers and Producers mainly. Even if they are in a completely different area to me and make pop music. There is always something i can take from what they have to say. Watched a Andrew Scheps one a few days ago.

The main area i think i want to change is when i put down a idea, try and progress it more in that first session or the day after. The problem i had with the last album was it was a lot of tracks that had been sitting there for long periods, its pretty hard to go back in on things and keep focus especially if its 60% that which it was on that album. But then i did clear a load of things that i wanted to get into the world. On the next one though i want to make it more about newer ideas.
Thats really what made that album take so long looking back. I hope so anyway! I also wanted to write new things in that period as well, i had to keep a eye on that as starting a new idea if it sounds good can vibe you up, but then i was also getting the feeling that i was just adding to the mountain of ideas that i will never finish. So in the end i just tried to knuckle down.

Cheers Mark
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