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Vulgar numbers question
Old 21st June 2016
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Vulgar numbers question

As we all know back in the day when this here internet were all fields there was a very different Electronic Music scene growing up around the Acid house generation, it seemed that Global Communication was on Everyones lips and your "sound" was very much forging new frontiers. Could i be vulgar and just get a sense of how big it was back then, in so much as sales how popular was 76:14 ??
Old 22nd June 2016
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Hi Suspect1,

Haha, it was all fields back then!

It was quite hard to get any truthful figures out of people back then, they would either lie and say it was loads to make you feel like you were doing well, or they would lie and say not many so they could rip you off!

The Global communication album didn't feel like it had done that well in the first few years, it took a while to get a sense of how far it had reached, probably quite a few years really. Its hard to hazard a guess to how many it sold, i would say maybe 5 - 10,000 in the first period and then maybe the same again a few years later. Then repress maybe the same again, actually i think it was a bit more. That is very much a rough guess though.

I know what the Evolution records did 1992 ish - 500 - 1000 ish. When it got to Universal Language times everything was 1500 - 5000 area on 12"s. Jedi Knights album from memory 20,000 + and that was 1000 pounds spent on adverts which were a waste of money.

Pretty different times! We didn't see much money back from any of it. In respect to Universal Language due to being a bit clueless about the business side or not business minded. The only decent money from my perspective was later 90s doing remixes. So that was the only real payback that came.

I would guess that The way and the Deep 12" would have been the biggest selling 12" for us in the 90s. Not sure how many but 8-12k or more first time round.

Jedi knights on Clear 5-6k, but like i said b4 these are just from memory and what we were told.

If we had followed any of them up we probably would have broken through and done really well, bit of a timing thing really, Jedi knights did really well for a underground record thats for sure, if we had done a year or 2 later, it could well have been a much bigger thing.

Same with the Global communication album, it did well for the time it came out, if we had done another one later in the 90s we could have broken through out of the underground world.

It's fine though, theres pro's and con's with all that stuff. Can't really moan as i have had 26 ish years doing music without having another job. There has been Scary times (how am i going to pay my rent and eat) and there has been ok times. But i have lasted doing pretty much what i want through all those years and i've avoided compromise. Would have been nice to get a film synch off something, its pretty surprising that we didn't. Hopefully that will come though one day.

Cheers Mark
Old 23rd June 2016
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I'm really surprised you didn't get any sync's very strange...Surprised you didn't get arty commissions too, sack your manager ! Bit late for all that now x

That Jedi Knights Dbl pack put you in front of a new audience i think. Thanks for the candid responses i've always wondered about the lush phaser on the strings on that 12" !
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