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Insight on your work patterns?
Old 19th June 2016
Here for the gear
Mouls Vern's Avatar
Insight on your work patterns?

Hi, just curious about your day to day work patterns? I know your probably busy doing collaborations and remixing stuff, but what are your days like when it comes to working on your own stuff? Do you have a routine? Do you have a set schedule so you can fit in all the other chores of life? Also curious to when your creative juices are flowing do you take advantage of it to the fullest, or do you leave some for the next day? Seems like this is what i struggle with the most these days, your insight would be truly helpful.

Thanks for your time.
Old 19th June 2016
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Hi Mouls,

Well I've been Nocturnal for the past few years, I've always been a night person, 2am-4am is pretty natural for me. But for some reason i slipped further and further and then went completely upside down. I fought it for a bit, but that was even worse so i just thought well ill stay here for a bit. I haven't been able to get it back to 2am type times though.

I wouldn't recommend it though thats for sure, it does has + points though but i reckon its a combo of a few things that are the minus points.
I don't think you sleep as deep in the day, light and noise (People with Leaf Blowers!) + not getting sunlight is the problem i think, you basically feel more tired than normal even if you do get 7 hrs sleep.

+ Points, you feel completely disconnected from everything, i really like that, although that can be dangerous as well if you are doing the long periods. Also this time zone I'm in works with UK and is quite good for the US. Also no one is going to call you up or turn up, i know when i get to the studio the only distraction is going to be the internet. So when i get in, its a long block of time where i have the chance to focus 12 - 16 hrs. Obviously i don't work all of that time.

Its the classic thing, all day if you work normal hrs, nothing really happening, then a hour b4 you have to go somewhere the track happens I'm sure everyone here knows very well that vibe!

So this works for me really well, some people can only work in the morning, I've never been a morning person.

It allows me especially on the creation/Writing of track side of things to have a long open period where i can get on with it without worrying about anything.

Im not organised, i don't pre plan stuff, i just do it when I'm in the right headspace, i can't force stuff and if i do try it never really comes. The mixing and sorting side of things is a bit different though.

Some people can thats for sure, I've worked with plenty of people that are just on it, they have to do it quick and organised, i wish i could be like that, I'm always envious of people like that, i do try every now and again to streamline things a bit or think about that stuff, but it never really changes that much. I like chaos and randomness and i have to wait until I'm in the right headspace.

So i suppose its about knowing what is right for you and then finding a way of getting the best situation you can. The way i have it now is really good bar the general tiredness especially in the week days, not so good at the weekends though as i am out of action in daylight hours.

Im lucky, i just do music and thats pretty much it, i work 6/7 days a week. Actually its been 7 for a few years. The only problem i have now is internet and emails.
Ive just been through a very busy period with the album, i had stuff to do through that period music wise and it was a real battle for me, eventually i pretty much resided to the fact that it wasn't going to get loads of time to write music and just got on with what needed to be done. But it won't be long now where i can disappear again
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