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GC Live
Old 17th June 2016
Here for the gear

GC Live

Hi Mark,

Loving reading your responses to people's questions. It's Neil here, mate of Glen (aka Limahl) - ex Yeovilian now living in Devon.

I noticed that today it 5 years to the day since the Global Communication live gig at the British Library, which me and my (heavily pregnant at the time) wife were at. It was a very special night which I felt very lucky to have been at.

I wondered if you could talk a bit about the process behind recreating those tracks live, some of the kit you used and how much was played live/improvised on the night. I noticed you did quite a bit of improvisation beats-wise which gave a while new dimension to the tracks. Closing with The Way was an amazing moment too.


Old 20th June 2016
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Hi Neil,

Because of time constraints and logistical tings + $ as this was all done off our own backs we had rely on Re editing the original tracks and taking stuff out where possible so i could actually play some melodies and parts live, so on each track i would give myself certain riffs to play live and on some tracks drums or extra drums.
We broke down tracks as much as we could, some we tried to recreate as well, Tom had all that in Abelton i believe and he could play with the mix live, he was also playing with effects and adding sound effects as well.

We got it to a place where we felt comfortable with it, well as comfortable in the amount of time we had. We could have done it with a full band but then the worry with that is it that it could sound very different to the original album (maybe not in a good way) + there is the cost in doing that. Taking a studio out on the road and doing it all live again its $ and time so we did what we could at the time.

The visual guy Jim, also did it very much as a favour really as he liked the music, which was very kind of him.

To be honest i really didn't want to do it that much, i was in the middle of a Africa Hitech tour, but in the end I'm glad i did those shows, the London show was a pretty mad setting to hear that music and the Sonar one the next day was great, the sound was amazing in there and the room was packed. Was a pretty hectic few days, me and Steve played that night at Sonar by night and it was one of the biggest crowds i have ever played to.

Im not doing this album live, its just not something that I've really ever felt like i want to do, its more something that you are expected to do. Its never really sat that well with me. Sure if you want to do it fine, some people are great at it. Maybe one day ill get the urge and find a way of doing it where it feels exciting and creative for me, i really don't want to stand there and have it all in Abelton and press a few keys to bring in parts thats just not for me. Djing is more live than that

Its a tricky area really as also you went and enjoyed it and i guess other people did and its the music thats important in the end as what does it really matter whats going on if the music connects.

Ill leave that there i think, if i can survive and not play live that suits me fine for now, id rather be in the studio making music

I really enjoyed doing that A/V thing in NY, I'm going to try and get that other places in the world. Its not a live thing though, but it was a interesting new challenge and Jonathan's visuals look amazing on those 7 big screens.

Old 20th June 2016
Here for the gear

Thanks Mark. We were VERY pleased you did it - as you say it's the music that connects with people, but sometimes those extra special moments give it that extra lift.

I totally understand you wanting to be creating more than being out there re-creating things (playing live) - the more music we hear from you the better I say!


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