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Old 16th June 2016
Lives for gear
re5etuk's Avatar

I regularly listen to antacid , such a great set of bass lines and synth tones ( I always think of Blake 7 when listen to it)

So basically any info on gear , approach and what the chopped up vocal samples are saying would be really appreciated
Old 17th June 2016
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Hi Bimbom,

This was done at a friends studio in Blandford (Nick Barns, We also did the Slowdive remix there) He had just got a Akai S3000, I Got one pretty soon after that, when i could get the money together, so expensive. The Akai had effects that were assignable to the main outs. So thats what the flanging is. My TB303, Sounds like the Sh101 playing the same riff shifted off bar. Blake 7 Chords (we were both fans) was Roland JD-800 that was Nicks. I really can't remember what those vocals were, ill ask Tom. We did sometimes just stick whatever was on TV on and just run that through a gate or effects, thats what we did on the Slowdive remix, the snooker was on and we just had that on through a massive reverb and bought it in and out. But that Vocal in Antacid sounds like something that we sampled and chopped and Gated and re effected. Snare sounds like we had fun with the resonance in the S3000.

Also sounds like we inserted something to shift the 303 off bar, maybe we just moved all the track parts off bar to flip that 303 riff to a different part of the bar. Pretty sure that was Cubase on the Atari.

Was cut as Evolution 007 - 200 White labels. but then Warp contacted us and said they wanted it. Artwork was done by Ben Drury BEN DRURY : Design & Art Direction and Tom.
Ben also did the Global communication Logo, And Dizzee Rascals first album. Will Bankhead did the Global Album sleeve.
Actually i think thats right Maybe Ben did the Logo and Will Did the rest or maybe they worked on it together.

The Jedi Knights remix was done at my studio, Cuts on that were done by Pablo Clement (Yeovil Crew) from the Pychonauts.

Cheers Mark
Old 17th June 2016
Here for the gear

Hi Mark and thank you for all the little tidbits your sharing with us

I'd like to know more about Antacid II....Space Funk of the highest level
The melodic parts are just so damn emotional...for me atleast...goosebumps anyone???
And the rhythms are so very intricate/fascinating and impossible to sitt still to.

Old 20th June 2016
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Mark P's Avatar

Cheers Chuck, yeah i think i prefer Pt 2, although it wasn't the one that a lot of people were playing at the time.

Loads of intricate programming on the drums on the S950 pitch bending all the drums down by the sounds of it in some sections, It was a Reload track actually that i was working on and then we ended up working on it together.
TX81Z again for the bass and a few other sounds and it sounds like Kawai K1 again, Juno 106 for the Soft Pad and I'm not sure what the High String would have been.
That one was mixed at my place.
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