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Bass, acid and the horror-dub selector.
Old 16th June 2016
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Bass, acid and the horror-dub selector.

Mr Pritchard sir, what an absolute treat this is, thanks so much for doing it and thanks to whomever tracked you down and arranged it!

I’m a big fan, of course from first hearing 76.14 waaaaaay back at early ambient gigs here in Japan right around when it was released then on through Link and Jedi Knights at off-the-map bush doofs in Oz for a year or so soon after. Antacid still gets me all vavooooom and spacey when those string pads kick in haha.

While those are bona fide classics that will honestly never leave me and never fail to rock the party, what’s really had me amped the past few years and nearly no-one seems to have mentioned here is your rave-rudebwoy/DeepMedi/Harmonic 313 axis. I am of course interested in the gear/techniques behind that side of things, the rave-junglist doings of Ghetto Blast, Soundbwoy FO, Natty, Duppies et al, the Electribe-ness of Elephant Dub, the wtf-acid booty of Flaash, Bazooka Riddim etc and then the supreme horror dub of Question Mark and The Hologram but also maybe more in the … social/cultural background of what took you to those places in sound? What made you Wind It Up? I mean really, there didn’t seem to be any signs in the early days. Did you have some kind of massive UK bass music/soundsystem epiphany at some point?

Sorry for the mini interview, but in a lot of ways it’s the person, times, places and events behind the music I find more interesting

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Old 16th June 2016
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Mark P's Avatar

Hi Sanchez,

Cheers man! Ive always been in to Dub and sound system music, i played on a Pirate Radio in Yeovil in the 90s believe it or not which was run by a sound system guy. A lot of the early parties where i grew up were one room Hiphop and Dub/Reggae etc and the other room House and techno and Jungle. Growing up in the Uk it was like that everywhere really and had been like that for years i started. The Uk really has to thank the Jamaicans bringing they're music and culture to the country i guess when the first people moved over in the 50s. As i heard someone joke once it was all Knee's up mother brown b4 that haha

Someone should really make a documentary about it, I'm no expert on the history but thats why the music from Sheffield, Bristol, London and other places where you had communities of Jamaicans sounds like it did. Early Warp stuff in Sheffield - LFO, N.O.W Etc Techno and house with Basslines.
The cross over b4 that of Punk and Dub and electronic music in London in the 80s Which also happened in Bristol.

Then of coarse Rave and Jungle music and on into DNB, in basic terms Hiphop inspired, Sped up with Blines then add Soul and funk and whatever else into the mix.
A lot of the Uk hiphop also had Dub elements. I tried to explain that a bit with the 2 Fact mixes that i did. And tried to include as many of the people that i felt were important in a 1hr30 mix or however long it was.

The Reload album turned out like it did because of that as well, even though it was seen as a Electronic and more industrial album or techno. Through that period i was going to clubs and listening to Rave and Jungle and i was also Playing it in my sets.

And lets say from the late 80s to now the uk has spat out a long line of Styles all linked together, Rave, Jungle, Dnb, Garage, Broken beat, Grime, Dubstep, Funky and on and on i guess from there some more will pop up. Actually we a due a new one The last big one for me would have been Chicago Footwork which came from the long line of Club music out of Chicago really but interestingly also crossed back into Jungle back the other way and has sparked off some great music from Uk people in that area. And i really like it when the Chicago guys take from Jungle and DNB as well, they do it in they're own way.

Its not exclusively a UK thing, it was happening all across parts of Europe and the US.

I had stuff out in the early 90s - Chaos and Julia set with my friend Dom Fripp, B4 that some B sides on my Chart Cheesy Rave moment Shaft The release on Good Looking records 1995, The stuff i did on Danny Breaks label, Use of Weapons with David Brinkworth and the Vertigo 12" which i did with Danny.

Later 90s for me was Troubleman which was linked to Broken beat, but also Garage people were playing some of that, Zed Bias used to play Troubleman stuff, still does he was telling me. 2000s early i was playing Hiphop and Broken beat and a few other styles. I used to play and so did quite a few other Broken Beat people. It crossed over a bit between Genre's.

Tunes like these 2 - - And the stuff Seiji was doing.

Then the beginnings of Dubstep, Digital Mystikz, Skream, Kode 9, Horsepower, when i heard that music i was in! Every time i would come back to UK as around that time i moved to Sydney i would go in Black Market and see Sarah (Rinse, Tempa Etc) and also Youngsta worked in there. I remember Youngsta pulled out Kode 9's And said trust me you need this one He was not wrong!

So i played that music in my sets the scene in Sydney was strong Tbh for that music. Luckily i got to meet all those guys and played with them.
When the Dubstep started to get lets say more Mid Range which of coarse i liked if it was done a certain way to a certain point as everyone knows it eventually went over the edge for me anyway So to combat that in my Dj Sets if i wanted to up the Energy I started playing Jungle and Dnb and from doing that i suppose i got the urge to make some again. Around the same time Footwork came into my world so i started playing that mixed with jungle and still playing some Dubstep as well and also bits of Grime. Like i said b4 its all the same thing to me, i love it all. I liked the UK Funky stuff as well, Champion still sends me bits, always killer, i really like Lil Silva as well.

Regarding Dancehall that crept into the Harmonic 313 project, i love 80s and 90s Digital Dancehall stuff. My favourite club music to hear in a club is 80s/90s Dancehall, Jungle/Dnb and African music if i had to pick 3 I haven't enjoyed House and Techno as much since late 90s. I still love it though if its done a certain way and keep a ear out for whats going on.

This tune blew me away this year - I think with House in Techno i was lucky being the age i was hearing that from 1990 ish Detroit techno, Chicago house, and what was happening in NY, by the late 90s say 97/98 i drifted away. Just wasn't hearing what i wanted to hear as much.

Its a timeline entry point thing i reckon. We are all on our own musical journeys. I felt the same about DNB around the same time. If there isn't a lot of new music that is doing it i just dig back to some old music for a bit, choose area and dig into it a bit more. From a Djing point of view though from around 2000s i felt that for me i wanted new music to be the driving force behind what i would play and then whatever old stuff links with it. That was the case when i started, around the late 90s i was doing sets of old music more and that was fine for a while but then i started to feel that i wanted it to be driven by fresh sounds as the main focus. And thats just linked really to what pops up at any given time what gets me excited.

Saying that i have just done a few sets where i played all old music! but that in itself was a fun challenge and it made sense to me as it links to the album.

Cheers Mark
Old 17th June 2016
Broken beat produced a lot of good records. I just mentioned Cousin Cockroach & Seiji in another thread. Has collaborating with Dego ever been a possibility?
Old 17th June 2016
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Antonello's Avatar

Excellent question and brilliant answer ! Really enjoyed that
Old 19th June 2016
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Sanchez's Avatar
Amazing, thanks for the detailed walkthrough. I grew up in North England not far from a big West Indian community, and between that and moving back to London and the birth of acid house and up until leaving the UK late 91 it all rings very familiar but fascinating to hear someone else's path through it all. History-wise if you haven't read it this is very worth a read

Seems you're a pretty heavy Logic user, any insight on any of the process or gear around some of the music I mentioned would be a massive cherry on an already huge cake!
Old 21st June 2016
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Mark P's Avatar

Hi Scratcher,

Dego and Marc have made great music over the years, the last things i heard from them were cool as well. Haven't really ever thought about working with him though, he did do a remix for us once. My fav track of his is that London Sumting Tek 9 track and the remix. Reinforced is a great label as well.

Cheers Mark
Old 21st June 2016
Lives for gear
Sanchez's Avatar
Hi Mark, thanks so much for that, took a few re-reads just to catch all the references and youtubes. I did reply earlier but for some reason didn't get past the moderator and don't want to seem ungrateful. I went on to ask about any hardware and software processes/approaches around these kind of sounds as opposed to your 'softer' stuff.
Old 22nd June 2016
< moderator message - Sanchez; your earlier reply slipped through, corrected now check the Logic thread, please ask any logic related questions there? >
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