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A Collection Of Short Stories
Old 15th June 2016
Here for the gear

A Collection Of Short Stories

Hi there Mark,

This is great, thank you for your replies so far.

Please would you talk a little bit about your memories of recording A Collection Of Short Stories? I love the sampling and arrangements, and the album has a wonderful feel to it. Did you use lots of different field recording sites, or where you hitting pieces of metal in the shed, or both?

I would also like to know if you still use something equivalent to your old Kawai Q80 Sequencer, or would recommend what to use for that live arranging vibe that I love. I'm aware of Ableton but I still use an Atari.


Old 15th June 2016
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Hi Ben,

Long waffling post incoming

Ill just listen to the tracks and write down what i remember.

Teq -

White noise percussion i reckon is Juno 106, Because the Cross now Bladerunner type noise is SH101. The Metal percussion is John Parish, i did a session with him at the Icehouse Studio in Yeovil - You can see him playing there Polly Harvey was also in that band, they still work together. I love what they both do, Still making amazing music. Head who owned the Icehouse Studio still does her live sound, also does James Blake and Bat for lashes.

Tuned White noise is Jupiter 6, Bending synth sound Kawai K1. Drums i remember i sampled them into the S950 and clipped the input.

Weird vocal sounds are me slowed right down in the Casio Fz1.

Peschi Remix

Pads sound like Korg M1 Which i borrowed from someone, Metal Percussion again from John Parish Session. Open Hi hats are Sequential Circuits Drumtraks. The original Peschi is all that drum machine, this version sounds like a sampled a 808 kick drum in the FZ1.

Ahn -

Not sure what the pad is could have been Kawai K1 or Korg M1. Hi melodies are TX81Z And Jupiter 6 is the that has some portamento on it, Bass sounds like TX81Z As well as it has a organy overtone. Drum breaks would have been in the S950 and Casio FZ1.

Rotalink -

Rotalink is a factory that my Dad worked at in Crewkerne Somerset Miniature Motors, Transmission & Control - Rotalink Ltd I went down there with a Portable Sony Dat player and walked around recording stuff in there. Was fun The workers thought i was some official sound level recording person so they left me alone. Synth low Drone is Jupiter 6.
Theres a plinky melody in there thats Kawai K1.

1642 TRY 621 -

Dark drones in this are Kawai K1, Bass pulse is Jupiter 6, Some of the hiss type sounds is more stuff from the Rotalink Factory more metal percussion from there as well. 808 Kick in Casio Fz1. Dark Knocky sound is Kawai K1. Flange sound is Tom speaking into a flanger not sure which one.

Ev-I-loy -

Low Synth drone Kawai K1, More Rotalink session stuff. Waterphone sample i think could have been from Zero G. High melodies TX81Z. I'm omitting Samples for obvious reasons

Akzinor -

Samples Lets leave that there Kawai K1 is in there though.

Mosh -

Whale noises from somewhere Oil drum being hit, can't remember where from. Synth Percussion SH101, Snare is 909 hi hat tuned right down. Sub bass Jupiter 6 sounds like we stuck it through a Flanger in the Boss SE50 .
Distorted percussion not sure sounds like cranking something back into the S950 Again. Ominous 2 note low synth Jupiter 6.


Strings Korg M1 Phased through Boss SE50, Hi Melody TZ8IZ - More John Parish Percussion. Bleeps SH101 And that was a direct homage to Anthony Shake Shakir. Cross now ref again Sh101

Psychophylaxis -

Sounds like a load of sounds made with the TX81Z Put through a pitch shifted Delay on the Boss SE50. And just sped it up real time on the jog wheel of the Kawai Q80.

Le Soleil Et la mer -

Korg Wavestation for the pads, 808 Kick in the Casio FZ1, Those drum breaks i reckon would have been in the S950. Main high melody was Juno 106. Repeating Arpeggio Jupiter 6. Flute type flourishes were all part of the Pads from the Korg.

The Enlightenment - Kawai K1 Low synth (repeating patterns are forming) Hi Melody Same patch as Obselon Minos on the TX81Z, Piano Chords were sampled i reckon.
Twinkly sounds sampled from somewhere, no direct into the Alesis Quadraverb Chorus Reverb. Raspy synth that comes in later Jupiter 6.

Event Horizon -

Percussion that comes in is going through the Boss RDD 20 Digital delay with tight delay time. The drums Kick and Flanged type Snare are sampled S950 With some tight loops on the end of the flanged sound.

This album will be getting a reissue its long overdue and ill remaster it from the DATS, Fingers crossed they will still work. There will be some Alt versions as well, theres another version of AHN which i remember liking more than that version. Looking fwd to going through it all TBH.

Sequencers wise, im not sure, The Kawai was great, I'm not sure i could go back to Floppy Disks now though. My friend had a Alesis MMT-8 | Vintage Synth Explorer Alesis MMT8 you could punch stuff in on that as well, but the Kawai had more options on it. Roland made a few around that period as well. The other option could be get a desk and just mute stuff in and out on that. I used to do that a lot.

Cheers Mark
Old 15th June 2016
Here for the gear

Thank you Mark, that's incredibly interesting.

I particularly love that Ehn is an homage to Shakir, the fact that there were some factory sounds on the album from where your dad worked, your equipment by track recall, and of course the reissue news. Fab!

I do think I'd quite like a play on a Q80 or similar, I had Logic until my Mac was not repairable and like to play around with desk mutes and Cubase mutes, sometimes it sounds a bit obvious to me on the tracks I do that I'm doing that though. I have this idea I think from seeing Orbital playing Chime on TV in their studio that with their MMT8 (or Q80) if you unmute say a drum break then it won't come in until the start of the loop, is that right? I'm trying to find ways to create arrangements with unexpected things happening in them, that your work, Black Dog, Underworld live and Shakir that first come to mind, are great examples of.

Thanks again


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