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Linda Perhacs
Old 14th June 2016
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Linda Perhacs

Hi Mark,

Thanks for doing this! I've been listening to the new album a lot and love it, and the Global Communication remix of Mystic Institute's 'Ob-Selon Mi-Nos' is one of my favourite ambient tracks of all time.

I want to say a HUGE thank you for introducing me to the work of Linda Perhacs. The track 'You Wash My Soul' on your new album was the first time I had heard, or even heard of her, and it's by far my fave track. After hearing that I went out and bought everything I could, and we haven't stopped listening to her since, especially her 'Parallelograms' album from 1970.

I was just wondering if you could mention a bit about her, how and when you first heard her, how you ended up getting her to sing on the new album etc. I understand she's working on a third album now and am very much looking forward to it!

Best wishes and keep up the amazing work,

Old 14th June 2016
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Mark P's Avatar

Cheers Gregg,

Well I'm glad i intro'd to Linda's amazing music, thats great. Her album is honestly one of my fav albums of all time, that and Arthur Verocai will always be up there in my top 5.

I did a compilation called Feel the Spirit in 2006 and i put Chimacum rain on there, actually i was speaking a record dealer around that time called Adam Brecher and i thought ill treat myself to some new old albums, he warned me b4 playing me Linda's album, this one is expensive but amazing. As soon as her voice came in on Chimacum rain i knew 200 quid was going out my bank account! Most i have ever paid for a record, but at the point there weren't any really good re issues.

Theres one on Discogs now $787 Australian

Anyway Dom who anr's for Warp records and runs Lucky me knew that comp and knew i was a big fan, he suggested why don't you do something with Linda? I said well yeah but how are we going to get hold of her, i don't think at that point that i was aware that she had her follow up coming.

So he said well i know her manager so i can intro you. So then i had the task of writing something worthy of her! Luckily i got something at the end of the first month of trying. I sent it to her and she loved it and maybe a month later recorded it. Dream come true vibes Heres a short film with her in, she tells some of her story here. I think there is are a few others. And i have heard that they are working on a longer film about her soon. I spoke to her on Skype a few times, she is a really wonderful person. You can hear that in her music, So Pure!

Cheers Mark
Old 15th June 2016
Deleted 691ca21
Thanks so much for the detailed answer Mark. What an amazing person she is.
Old 15th June 2016
Deleted 691ca21
P.S. I also put "You Wash My Soul" in a recent Psych Folk mix I did, which I think you might dig, having just read some of your other replies concerning Folk music etc:

1. Come All Ye by Fairport Convention
2. Dan The Wing by Mellow Candle
3. Alive! by Omnia
4. Shade Of Grey by Witchwood
5. The Undone Mother by Fovea Hex
6. Offering Mandala by Soname Yangchen
7. Colder Still by Nurse With Wound
8. Invocation by The Incredible String Band
9. How Acla Disappeared From Earth by Cyclobe
10. Poem by La Lorien
11. You Wash My Soul (Featuring Linda Perhacs) by Mark Pritchard
12. Experiences No. 2 by Robert Wyatt, John Cage & E. E Cummings
13. Wicker Man Song by Nature & Organisation
14. Fire Leap by Paul Giovanni
15. And The Last by Lubos Fiser

Can supply mp3 link if wanted.

Currently reading the Robert Wyatt bio, "Different Every Time", which is amazing!
Old 16th June 2016
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Nice one, def looks up my street. I love Robert Wyatt, would love to work with him. I know someone who tried last year but unfortunately it didn't happen.
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