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Your advice to the young and aspiring engineers/producers
Old 9th September 2016
Your advice to the young and aspiring engineers/producers

Hi Mark!

First of all thank you so much for doing this, it's an awesome opportunity to have you here!

Since you have so much experience I'd like to ask you what would be your advice to the young and aspiring engineers and producers. What should they focus their efforts on? Study, gear, building relationships? Stay local or dig deep into the world wide web...or a little bit of both?

Anything to help them navigate these very agitated waters of contemporary music production will definitely be highly appreciated.

Best regards and thanks once again for hanging around!

Old 9th September 2016
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Your advice to the young and aspiring engineers/producers

Play an instrument , develop relationships with local bands and young A&R people in your area or at events like SXSW. It is unlikely that a big established artist will reach out to you to mix or produce their record so I think you need to find and nurture great talent early and hopefully find that artist that blows up and gets you the name recognition. Also read books like All You Need To know About The Music Business and make sure you have your paperwork together. Otherwise you can get blown out of the picture when a band gets signed or takes off and not get any credit. But first and foremost is to listen to and understand what makes a great song! That is where it all starts.
Old 9th September 2016
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following up on your answer to this question……

When you say "Get your paperwork in order", Do you mean to write up a contract with an up and coming band stating that You will help on the production side for little to no money but if and when something takes off, they need "include you on the official production" or for example "Get 5% of any money made on the album deal" etc.?

Thanks Much!
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