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The 1975
Old 27th August 2016
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The 1975

I saw that you mixed the EP "Sex." I've got a couple questions on it!

1.) What did you do to get that big snare sound on "Sex?"

2.) What was the vocal chain, including inserts/fx for those dreamy moments, like on "Undo?" Not sure if you'll know it since you didn't mix the other tracks! I'm also interested in the vocal chain for "Sex."

Thanks, Mark!

Old 29th August 2016
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Sex The 1975

The snare chain on that is my usual combo of stuff and two additional snares added in lightly behind the live one.
I started with a Wave SSL G for some bottom at 200 and air at 8k, an SPL transient designer for a little more attack and sustain, a UAD Neve 1081 with a boost at 100 and 1.8k and a decapitator at 3 for some crunch.

If I remember correctly the vocal chain was a de esser to an silver face 1176 mid attack and fast release. UAD Neve 1081 for some bottom at 100 and a Waves SSL G with a slight boost at 8k , 4k and 2.5k to a decapitator set at 3.I also used one of my Dolby vocal stressors on that track.
The FX chain was an echo boy and an Altiverb 140 plate
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