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Identifiing mood swings
Old 16th November 2016
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Identifiing mood swings

Hi Luca,
I know that you work with multiple genres of electronic music, such as Big Room, Progressive, House and Electro to just name a few. These most of the time have an arrangement of repetitive loops, so with this being said, can you please give me some insight as to what is the key factor that aids you in selecting the appropriate, or most adequate part, as the "heart" of the tune, that will then be enhanced and mesmerize the audience. I know if you are dealing with vocals, most of the times the mood is built around the voice/lyrics. From my perspective I let the vocals set the foreground for the song's mood, but if you have only instrumental, how would you identify or select the mood swings in the song?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time in this Q&A with us!
Best regards,
Old 29th November 2016
I always try to put my focus on 3 or 4 main elements first and get a right balance between them before I add any type of dynamic / eq / rev etc.. Ecx: Main lead synt / bass / kick / snare / relationship.
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