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converters / playback and capture workflow
Old 10th November 2016
converters / playback and capture workflow

Hi Luca,

first, thanks for sharing your experience with us

I've seen on your videos that you use a hybrid setup (ITB + analog summing), what is your actual workflow regarding sound card / converters / clock ?
Do you use separates DAW for playback and capture ?
Regarding sample rate, do you work at the the sample rate delivered or do you always upsample or downsample at a desired sampling rate (for mixing and mastering) ?

Greetings from France,

Old 29th November 2016
currently I work with one daw only, Studio ONE, Convert8s for summing DA and clock. Prism LYRA2 for AD. mostly 44.1Khz.
Thanks for your question Lionel!
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