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Atmosphere and mood - working environment and approach
Old 6th November 2016
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Atmosphere and mood - working environment and approach

Hi Luca,

First I'd like to thank you for all the information you've already made available online. It's pretty interesting to see your approach with expansion or dynamic EQ to add rhythmic energy and excitement back into stems.

I wonder - what considerations do you take for the atmosphere/vibe/mood when getting into a mix or mastering?

Do you feel it's important to set the temperature, lighting, or anything else in your room in a specific way before working? Do these things depend on the project? Or are they consistent?

Do you find yourself bobbing your head, moving in your chair, or standing up and even dancing to connect more with the track?

Are you closing your eyes while doing rides, automation or adjusting outboard?

Listening loud or bringing other people into the room to amplify excitement?

Using any tricks to stay focused or in tune with the music when working long days or not feeling 100%?

This kind of stuff is fascinating to me, as it's not discussed nearly as much as gear and technical approaches.

Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge!

Kind regards,
Old 9th November 2016
First of all I like to work in a clean and organized environment. A clean space, nice cabling is a good starting point. For the vibe I think it’s important to have the right temperature in the room, warm lights, candles and I think it’s also important to be in the same space while you work (moving around changes your perspective).

Also don’t pay loud music early in the morning cause if you have a long day to work on a mix and you listen too loud in the morning you start to tune your ears to that level and during the day it may fatigue your ears. Take breaks to reset your ears. This is a very long question but it’s a good one. These are the type of questions we get during our Studio DMI ALLIANCE Q&A’s!
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