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Which limiter are you using?
Old 6th November 2016
Which limiter are you using?

Hello Luca

Please can you share with us, which limiter are you using for mastering?
(If you are using more brands of limiters please mention too)

What do you think about using 2 limiters in mastering, multiband compression (are you using it?) and AD/DA clipping?

Old 9th November 2016
When I work in a hybrid setup, I like to do different stages of compression before I hit my analog brick limiter (PL2) and I sometimes also like to clip the A/D converter. For post conversion I use several limiters based on the style of music and depending on the track if it needs transparent/clean limiting, or a more colored/ punchier limiting. For clean limiting I use Ozone Maximizer 7, for color I like to use Limiter 6. If my goal is to increase RMS level, I do 2 stages of clipping. One before mastering and one after mastering.
Old 9th November 2016
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Limiters in mixing

Hi Luca

Thank you for this QA.

How do you approach limiters in mixing on single elements?
Do you use maximizers or brickwalls?
Do you deal with their attack too?

Can you give me a short example?

Thank You!
Old 10th November 2016
compression / limiting at mixing

Hi Luca,

what are your favorites compressors (hardware or software) at the mixing stage ?
Do you use limiting when mixing, if yes, on which kind of instrument ?
How do you deal with the dynamic on lead vocal, do you use volume automation (automatic riding volume or manual) or compression or both ?


Old 29th November 2016
clean surgical comp = fabfilter pro c2, hardware = dangerours compressor and p3s
I dont use much limiting on the mixing stage, as far vocal I use a combination of both, on indivual stems medium fast attach / fast release compression for color and more a slow LA2A type of comp on vox buss, automation yes mosty post compression for final details,

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