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Transient Control on Drums
Old 5th November 2016
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Transient Control on Drums

G'day Luca

Thanks so much for doing this Q+A, it was a real pleasure meeting you at your studio back in June, I'll be sure to bring some more Tim Tams when I'm back in the states haha

When mixing drums, what methods do you use to find a point of balance between having loud and impactfull transients, particularly on the kick and snare, while also preventing those transients from simply being too loud and triggering the stereo bus limiter in a way that messes with the overall balance of the mix?

Do you adjust individual levels until you find a balance, or do you use pre-limiting or clipping on your drums bus to control the transients before they hit the stereo bus limiter? I'd love to hear your personal approach

Thanks for your time and all the best,
Alex Mader
Old 9th November 2016
Parallel compression and saturation in combination with transparent clipping is a way for me to be able to raise the RMS level of any type of drum information without losing transients. I also like to spread the drums in 3 buss which is usually Kick, High Percussions, Low Percussions and EQ wise to create the separation for those 3 parts.
Old 12th November 2016
Hey so I have been watching this a ton. Am I correct to assume that the kick buss gets the neoteks than the rest of the drums all get sent to one bus which is then duplicated and filtered to be two bands and sent into the ramsa? If so what is the cross and tool yo use to split the busses? Do cymbals get sent to these busses as well? I would love to know if you have particular frequencies that you like on any of these buss's for boost or cuts.

Thank you for your time. I love your work and your videos have been really informative.

Thanks again

Rick Carson
Old 29th November 2016
Hi Rick,

Kick buss = neotek
low perc = 2buss+ ch 13/14
hi perc = 2buss+ ch 15/15
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