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Teaching and Europe
Old 4th November 2016
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Teaching and Europe

Hi Luca

You seem very passionate about sharing your techniques and tricks, and about teaching others. I admire that, i am also involved in teaching audio.

I saw you recently went on a European tour, teaching small classes at selected studios in different cities.

How did you go about organizing something like this, did you approach the studios with a proposal yourself to come and speak, and they found the students for the workshops?

Any info about the planning that went into this tour would be cool! I intend to do something similar (one day)
Old 4th November 2016
Hi! Very true i'm very passioned about sharing and this tour was so great, the tour was sponsored by Dangerous Music e the organization (studios, locations, travel, overall logistics) by Mastering Works from Germany, Marketing by Studio DMI.
Good luck!
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